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Premium Combination KatKabin DezRez In Forest Green

Premium Combination KatKabin DezRez In Forest Green

If your cat companion is a sporty rogue to whom a life of luxury is second nature, then the ‘Forest Green’ KatKabin® DezRez is the perfect choice. The perfect home from home for your cat in the garden, the DezRez in Forest Green will look fabulous nestled amongst your shrubs and flowers.

Get the complete package for one great price.

In the box: 1 KatKabin® with a KatKushion, a removable KatFlap and a Winter Warmer.

Like no other product, the luxurious KatKabin® DezRez ensures peace of mind for you because you can be rest assured that your feline companion is perfectly safe and protected till your return.

The cosiness of the KatKabin® DezRez Premium Combination can be even further improved with the EcoGlow Pet Warming Pad, a low energy waterproof warming pad safe for outdoor use.  

If you would like to buy an EcoGlow warming pad for your KatKabin® DezRez, please take a look at our accessories section.